EMMYs smaller







Dawn    Cedar Creek Incident

Martin Luther Intro   Travelscope, PBS
Happiness   Comics on Delivery   COMEDY CENTRAL
Hearst Castle   Travelscope, PBS
Prairie View    Manhattan, AZ,   FX

Deranged   Forsythe Films

Father/Son Conflict   Biker Build Off   DISCOVERY
African Welcome   Travelscope   PBS
Unstoppable    The Uninvited   CANAL STREET FILMS
So Many and So Much Love   Woodstock    VH1
The Killer   Lucky   MUDD FILMS
Childhood Years   Indian Larry Special Event   DISCOVERY
What Are You Thinking     Lost and Found  FX


Precious Piglet won the Valley Artistic Director Achievement Award for Best Music, Lyrics and Book, Children’s Musical 2005. Precious Piglet ran for six months in LA. Music and Lyrics: Ken Mazur

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