All lyrics and music below are by Ken Mazur, except: “Blind” by MAtia, ‘Bad Attitude’ by Owny Rutledge; ‘Dangerous Kind’ by Ken Mazur and Nick Caforio : ‘Cherry Boy’ by Ken Mazur and Chris Demarco; ‘Recife’ by Miguel Kertsman and Ken Mazur; ‘Melina Charrell’ by Guire Webb and ‘I’ll Dream You’ by Macheis Wind.

Blind – Country/gospel crossover

Pure Determination – Crossover R & B

Bad Attitude – Rock

Scottish Girl – Pop/Americana

Dangerous Kind – Rock

Melina Charrell – Easy Listening Jazz (instrumental)

Revved Up – R’nB’

Southern Drive – Southern Rock

Moonshiners – Blue Grass

Reggae COD – Reggae

Green Eyes – Wave Jazz

The Uninvited – Film score (credit sequence)

Cherry Boy – Rock

Recife – World Music  (Brazilian)

911 – Big Band Swing   (from kids safety musical)

Don’t Leave Me Behind – Country

Midnight Mover – 60s Rock

I’ll Dream You – Pop/rock