Check this out:

For a long time I was hoping to find a live stage video of the Robert Palmer Band
from the era when we were getting ready to release Bad Case of Lovin You.

Amazingly, I stumbled into it on Youtube recently and thought I would share it here.
It is amazing to see my old ’54 Strat(now retired) and get the feel of that band.
That was a really pro bunch of guys. Robert and Jack Waldman are gone now, but
I had the pleasure of seeing Steve Robbins(keys) earlier this year.

In those days I played through a white baseman with a Marshall cabinet. Not too
many pedals–I believe I used an MXR flanger, a Boss overdrive, an MXR 10 band
eq and a Dyna Comp. We slogged it out that year in Europe playing making over 30
appearances in as many days. Glamorous–perhaps a bit, hard work? Definitely.

You might notice differences from the record. We flew down to Compass Point in the
Bahamas later that year to record the final version and do the Secrets Album.

Travelscope Season 8 Overview

Season Eight of Travelscope is moving rapidly towards a wrap and the great news is, we have been renewed for Season 9. Last year we won an Emmy and I will not be surprised if we do it again. Some really cool episodes on Ontario, Canada, as well as Korea, Taiwan and San Francisco.

I recently completed the score for the San Antonio Fiesta episode here at Retro Smash Studio. That’s quite a party they throw down there each year. It is always enjoyable to work on ethnic and historically influenced musical pieces. That is what makes scoring Travelscope such a challenge and so much fun. As usual I have been working in Digital Perrformer, but this is the first episode I have done using DP9. It is amazing to be able to set the look of the board and various windows to be shades are relaxing and easy on the eyes–like the one titled Ibuprofen. Some of the new bells and whistles are cool too.

On other fronts, Matia’s album, ‘When I Can’t Sleep’ has been getting picked up by Gospel
Stations –not a stretch considering the material and sound, but a pleasant surprise!

Next up: Travelscope episodes from Central Europe with some cool stuff about Bach and the
Reformation too!

Ken Mazur